About Aging IQ

Rooted from the idea that financial education is crucial when planning for the future, Aging IQ was generated to help adults best adapt and plan for what is to come based on a series of metrics we provide.

The future of each person is dependent on a number of factors, like health, financial standing, and family history, just to name a few. Here at Aging IQ, we have proprietary metrics that can help provide numerical results to prompt the discussion for a change in future financial planning.

Aging IQ’s estimate are generated by AI-based data-driven technology powered by Longevity Market Assets and Lapetus Solutions.

Aging IQ’s Mission

At Aging IQ, our mission is to educate adults on how they can better plan for their futures, based on the results calculated via the MyTrueAge and MyLifeScore. These proprietary metrics are designed to act as tools for adults who want to start the conversation about how they can financially plan for their futures.

Our specialized Policy Value IQ calculator provides you instant results on your “life’s” worth, by simply inputting brief information about your insurance policy. With this, our goal is to be the guide between the results you produce today and the change for your tomorrow.

What is MyLifeScore?

MyLifeScore is a measure that considers not only how old you are and how long your estimated lifespan is, but most importantly, how much of your lifespan will be spent in good health—your healthspan.

This proprietary metric combines biological, demographical, and social trends to generate a unique score that depicts where you currently stand in your later years relative to others in your age group, while also offering suggestions for what you can do to improve your MyLifeScore.

The results you produce by utilizing the MyLifeScore metric provides you knowledge on what you should financially plan for in the future, and how changing your lifestyle could either improve or worsen your physical, mental, and financial future.

In order to financially plan for your future, the Policy Value IQ can provide you instant results about your policy. See how much your “life” is worth today!

What is MyTrueAge?

The definition of a person’s chronological age is how many years, or how much time, they have been on earth.

A person’s biological age is defined as how fast that person has aged while on earth, based off of our results generated by MyTrueAge. The estimates are generated using AI-based data-driven technology powered by Longevity Market Assets and Lapetus Solutions.

MyTrueAge extracts data from the photo of a person’s face, along with a few key demographics, to generate feedback to help them best plan for their future.