Our estimates use AI-based data-driven technology powered by Longevity Market Assets and Lapetus Solutions.


MyTrueAge measures the age of your physical body rather than chronological age. Upload a photo of yourself to learn about your biological age in comparison to your chronological age!


MyLifeScore can show you how long you will live healthily. We send you personalized recommendations for getting the best years out of life. Learn more about your lifespan instantly!



Upload a photo of yourself and answer a few questions to instantly get your biological age estimate.

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Compare our biological age estimate to your chronological age.


From the analysis of a simple selfie, our technology can provide gender, age, and BMI estimates.

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We calculate reliable scores and recommendations by incorporating biodemographic information and dynamic questioning.

Knowing your MyLifeScore can improve the accuracy of your financial and lifestyle retirement projections.


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It will take approximately 10 minutes to complete this quiz and you'll see your results immediately.

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We give you personalized recommendations for getting the most good years out of life.

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Your lifestyle choices will be displayed so that you can see how a wide range of factors affect life expectancy.

What is Aging IQ?

Rooted from the idea that financial education is crucial when planning for the future, Aging IQ was generated to help adults best adapt and plan for what is to come based on a series of metrics we provide.

The future of each person is dependent on a number of factors, like health, financial standing, and family history, just to name a few. Here at Aging IQ, we have proprietary metrics that can help provide numerical results to prompt the discussion for a change in future financial planning.

Aging IQ’s estimate are generated by AI-based data-driven technology powered by Longevity Market Assets and Lapetus Solutions.

What affects your lifespan?

What is the average lifespan?

While lifespan in the United States has dropped slightly, Americans live longer than any previous generation — a lot longer. The average lifespan for a 65-year-old American is now 18 more years on average for men and 20.6 years for women.

A 65-year-old American man can expect to live to almost 83, an 85-year-old man can expect to live past 90, on average. With this being said, Americans are living longer and healthier lives. “Older” people now feel younger and more energetic in comparison to historical trends.